Gatineau Paris, a leading French skin care brand. Over 80 years of pioneering research and development have made Gatineau one of the most envied and advanced anti-ageing skincare brands today. By combining the best of all sources from the most effective botanical extracts to the latest cutting edge biotechnology, Gatineau uses state of the art formulae to deliver highly visible results.
Age Benefit Facial 50+      1hr 15mins    £60.00
An integral advanced performance anti-ageing facial targeting wrinkles, skin slackening, loss of radiance and dehydration. Radiance and vitality are restored to the skin and wrinkles are relaxed, visibly smoothed and appear less profound, leaving the skin lifted, smooth and immediately hydrated.
Defi Lift 3D Facial 40+      1hr 15mins   £57.00
Turn back time wit the complete re-sculpting facial. Your facial contours are visibly re-sculpted which appears remodeled, as if lifted. Wrinkles are plumped up and the skins texture refinedwith a radiant complexion. Defi lift 3D is for people concerned with wrinkles, lack of firmness and loss of radiance.
Prescription Facial         1 hour     £40.00
Regain your confidence and reveal your beauty! This basic facial is tailored to your specific skin requirements (oily/combination, dry/dehydrated or sensitive). Restore radiance and freshness to your skin.
30 Minute RejuvenatingFacial        30 minutes   £20.00
A deep cleanse, tone, exfoliation and mask with a relaxing scalp massage to boost and brighten the skin. Add a little relaxation to your lunch break.

Karin Herzog
Karin Herzog is the world leader in effective Oxygen Therapy. With 2 Global  
Patent Awards and proven formulas, Karin Herzog is used and supported by doctors and dermatologists globally. Delivering oxygen, vitamins A and C and water direct to the dermis.
Pore Draw Facial       1hr 15mins  £45.00  
Clears and controls acne and oily breakouts with oxygen’s anti bacterial properties and helps prevent further breakouts by controlling sebum production, and allows the skin to heal and repair minimizing acne scarring.
Smoothie Anti Ageing Facial     1hr 15mins   £50.00
Breathes new life and refreshes tired, dull, mature complexions. Collagen is an intense user of vitamin A, oxygen and water which is released into the skin to feed and produce collagen. This will firm, tone, hydrate and refresh the skin.
Glyco Rose Facial     30 minutes  £28.00  
A relaxing yet deeply exfoliating treatment using glycolic and oxygen to        
revitalize tired and dull skin.

Diana Goddess Facial Lifting and Toning Treatment
For that special event that requires instant results, the Diana PPL micro-current facial can achieve a dramatic effect in only 30-minutes. This treatment uses individual electrodes placed on the lower key facial muscles and probes around the more sensitive eye areas.  
Benefits: Results can be seen and felt after 1 treatment, Raises and lifts forehead & eyebrows, Smooth’s "crows feet" and lifts upper eye area, Detoxify lower eye area, Lifts and defines the cheek area, Tones and reduces sagging jaw line, Firms and lifts the neck area, Reduces formation of lines to the lip   area, Leaves skin, firm, toned and refreshed.
Individual treatment - 40 Minutes per treatment £40.00
Diana Goddess Course of 10 £360.00
Diana Goddess Facial recommends 3 treatments week 1, 3 treatments week 2, 2 treatment week 3, 2 treatments week 4. 

Microdermabrasion    30 Minutes      £35.00
Microdermabrasion removes the outermost layer of dry dead skin cells leaving the skin feeling smooth, rejuvenated and fresh. Microdermabrasion uses diamond tip wands to help diminishes the look of fine lines, wrinkles, superficial age spots, enlarged pores, sun damaged skin, blackheads, milia, oily, patchy, dry skin. Microdermabrasion is also used as a treatment for acne. Best results are achieved when used regularly.

Massage & Body Treatments
Hot Stones Back Massage £30.00 40 minutes
Hot Stones Full Body Massage £50.00 1hr 30mins
 Hot stone massage melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism. It promotes deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth, water-heated stones. Our professional therapists use the hot stones to massage the body, and this will have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.
G5 Deep Tissue Massage Machine
The G5 massage relieves muscular aches and pains while improving lymphatic draining and stimulating the circulation. G5 will help reduce cellulite and improve skin tone and texture by providing a deep tissue massage helping to remove toxic build ups like lactic acid.
G5 treatment £28.00 30 Minutes
G5 treatment £45.00 1 Hour
Swedish Deep Tissue Back Massage £25.00 30 minutes
Swedish Deep Tissue Full Body Massage £45.00 1hr 15mins
A deep tissue massage manipulating muscles of the body, while stimulating the circulation to soothe and release tension, stress, aches and pains leaving you feeling pampered and refreshed.
Aromatherapy Back Massage £25.00 30 minutes
Aromatherapy Full Body Massage £45.00 1hr 15mins
Using unique blends of high quality aromatherapy oils to help restore balance in the body while deeply relaxing the muscles and soothing the skin taking away tension and stress leaving you feeling relaxed, serene and peaceful. Includes face, scalp and body.
Couples Massage  £90.00   1hr 15mins
A couple’s massage is a wonderfully relaxing, personal experience.
It enables two people to enjoy a massage together in the same treatment room with two therapists.
Reflexology      £35.00   1 Hour
Reflexology is a focused pressure technique stimulating the reflex points in the feet to deeply relax your mind, body and soul, helping to restore the flow of energy and balance within the body.
Indian Head Massage      £25.00   30 Minutes
A specialised ancient massage, working on the upper back and shoulders, neck, face and scalp. Indian Head Massage is great for reducing tension head aches, and helping to reduce the tensions of everyday life.
Mother-to-be Massage        £45.00       1hr 15mins
A deeply relaxing and nourishing full body massage, which includes the face and scalp. Relieving tension in the lower and upper back and helping to reduce fluid in the lower legs and ankles for a feeling of lightness and comfort. A great way to connect mother and baby.
Mother-to-be Treatment     £55.00   1hr 25mins
A truly relaxing treatment using our unique formulations and textures provide an experience of pure pleasure for the skin from head to toe, creating a sense of wellbeing, aiming to feed and nurture the skin. A completely indulgent treatment to take care of your pregnancy needs.
Fake Bake Tanning
Fake Bake Spray Tan      £15.00     15 Minutes
A faster and better way of getting a perfect, all over tan in minutes. Available in Original and Darker. Last for 7 to 10 day.
Fake Bake 1 Hour Spray Tan    £18.00     15 Minutes
1 hour for light tan, 2 hours for medium tan, 3 hours for dark tan. Lasts 5 to 7 days.
Top tan tips:
  • Exfoliate the night before with an oil free exfoliator.
  • Don’t wear deodorant, make up or perfume before tan.
  • Don’t moisturize your skin before tan.

Full Leg Wax        £21.00     45 Minutes
Full Leg & Bikini Wax        £26.00     1 Hour
¾ Leg Wax         £16.50     30 Minutes
½ Lower Leg Wax         £14.50     20 Minutes
½ Upper Leg wax          £16.50     25 Minutes
½ Upper Leg & Bikini Wax        £22.50    40 Minutes
½ Lower Leg, Bikini & Underarm Wax         £27.00     45 Minutes
Bikini Line        £10.00     15 Minutes
Brazilian        £18.00     30 Minutes
Hollywood          £25.00     30 Minutes
Underarm Wax         £5.50        5 Minutes
Back Wax          £18.00     20 Minutes
Chest Wax           £18.00     30 Minutes
Arm Wax           £12.50     15 Minutes
Lip Wax          £4.50        5 Minutes
Chin Wax         £4.50        5 Minutes
Lip and Chin Wax       £8.00        5 Minutes
Eyebrow Wax         £8.50        15 Minutes

Do not use sunbeds, heat treatments or exposure to UV rays pre or post waxing.

LVL Lash Lift
 LVL Lash Lift straightens your natural lashes at the root, creating the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. Plus the added lash tint creates a mascara-style effect, so your lashes are perfect from the moment you wake up.
Ideal for those seeking a more natural look, the treatment takes just 40 minutes but the effects are instant and last from six-eight weeks.
Please note a patch test for the LVL treatment is required at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.
LVL Lash Lift      £38.00

Eye Treatments
Eyelash Tint         £12.50       30 Minutes
Eyebrow Tint          £6.50         15 Minutes
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint         £16.00       30 Minutes
Tint Package         £25.00       45 Minutes
(Tint Package includes Eyelash Tint, Eyebrow Tint & Eyebrow Shape)
Please note a patch test for Eyelash/Eyebrow Tinting and cluster lashes are required at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

15 Minutes - £12.00
30 Minutes - £20.00

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures
Removal of Facial Thread Veins, Blood Spots, Skin Tags
Prices starting from £50.00

NSI Acrylic Nails
Full Set French/colour         £34.00        1hr 15mins
Full Set Glitter Tips         £37.00        1hr 15mins
Backfills        £27.50        1hr 15mins
Infills          £24.50      1 Hour
Infills with Gelish         £27.50      1hr 15mins
Bio Sculpture Gel Nails
Bio Sculpture is an organic gel that remains glossy and chip free for many weeks.
French finish        £40.00       1hr 30mins
Natural finish          £35.00      1hr 30mins
French/Colour         £33.00        1 Hour
Natural       £27.00        45 Minutes
French/Colour Toes        £25.50        1 Hour
French/Colour Infills         £27.50        1 Hour
Natural Infills         £22.50          1 Hour
Acrylic/Gel Nails
Repairs       £3.50        15 Minutes
Soak off         £10.00      30 Minutes
Soak off & New Set from       £32.50
Minx Nails
‘Saucy New Minx™ nails have become an exciting differentiator for high-end salons. A new & glamorous way women can extend fashion to their fingertips and toes...’
Minx Toes         £25.00        45 Minutes
Pedicure incl. Minx Toes      £45.00        1hr 15mins

Gelish Nails
Gelish is for people who want to maintain natural nails. The formulation looks as good from day 1 to day 14. Shellac/Gellish is thin and strong enough to be applied similarly to nail polish, but is cured in a way that gives it great flexibility and shine.
Gelish Manicure                             £25.50        1 Hour
Gelish Structure Manicure         £27.50        1 Hour
Gelish Pedicure                              £28.50        1hr 15mins
Gelish File & Varnish                    £18.00        45 Minutes
OPI Nails
Manicure        £18.00   45 Minutes
File nails, neaten cuticles, hydrating hand and arm massage & polish. 
French Manicure          £19.00   45 Minutes
File nails, neaten cuticles, hydrating hand and arm massage & french polish.
Luxury Manicure        £25.00   1 Hour
Using warm paraffin wax and a hydrating exfoliator as part of your manicure to deeply moisturize and increase circulation to the hands.
Pedicure        £26.00   1 Hour
Cut and file nails, neaten cuticles, working on hard skin, foot exfoliation,      
hydrating foot and leg massage & polish.
Luxury Pedicure        £30.00   1hr 15mins
Using warm paraffin wax as part of your pedicure to deeply moisturize and  
increase circulation to the feet.
File and Varnish         £12.50   30 Minutes
Filing of the nails and a polish.
Nail Diamonds/Art
50p per diamond
Nail art available - POC

Pure Packages
Please see our Special Offers page for all Pure Packages
Top to Toe Indulgence          £95.00       3 Hours
Prescription Facial, Back Massage, Manicure and Pedicure
Spa Deluxe          £90.00       2hrs 30mins
Karin Herzog Smoothie Facial and Full Body Swedish Massage
Please see our special offers for all our other packages


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Client Testimonials

Jane Gooding, Stockport
I have been going to Pure for 3 years now. It is a superb beauticians and all the girls make you feel at ease. Their Anti Ageing facial makes my skin glow, and many people have commented on how they can see the improvement. Can't wait for my next treatment, think I will add a Full Body Massage too. Thanks Girls x
Deborah Smith, Stockport
Pure is one of the few salons I trust to do all my beauty treatments. The standard is excellent and all the girls are really friendly and helpful. I have already recommended Pure to my family and friends and I would recommend to anyone looking for quality treatments!

Fiona Cummings, Altrincham
I moved to Cheshire 6 years ago and like most girls finding a good beautician and hairdresser when you move to a new place is very important and makes life a lot easier! Within my 1st week of living in Cheshire a girl at work recommended Pure and I have never looked back. I usually see Dawn or Chloe, they are true professionals, all their treatments are done with great care and attention to detail and even make waxing fun with their sense of humour and knowing when to talk at key moments of slight discomfort :-) Their facials are amazing and I am looking forward to my next visit to Pure. You deserve every success. Fi x

Kathryn Friend, Cheadle
I had a fantastic facial, which I would thoroughly recommend. Dawn's skills as a therapist will be hard to surpass...she made me feel totally at ease and truly relaxed. Microdermabrasion made my skin feel amazing and people commented that my skin was like a doll's! WOW! Any discerning lady (or gent) should get themselves to Pure. I'll definitely be back.... and I even think my husband will be paying a visit.
Pauline Colletta, Hazel Grove
Since turning 60 I have become very aware of my jowls and lines around my eyes. Chloe introduced me to the Goddess Lifting Toning Facial and WOW I could not believe the difference after one treatment, I have now booked the course and cant wait to see the end result!

Jemma Moorhouse, Cheadle Hulme
I Love, love, love Microdermabrasions. I have the worst skin, dry, flaky with spots! But the Microdermabrasion facial sorted my skin out. After the 1st facial my skin felt really clean and smoother, after doing 1 a week for a couple of months, the results just got better. It kept on top of my dry skin and I didn't have as many breakouts. I feel much more confident now. Thank you Pure girls x

Rachael Barlow, Cheadle Hulme
Went to Pure for my "Birthday treat" from my husband. Was made to feel welcome straight away by pleasant smiling staff. I had a Swedish Body Massage and Facial. I don't normally go for pampering but I fully enjoyed it and feel both relaxed and rejuvenated. Would definitely recommend to  friends and family. Many Thanks!

Gemma Sleater, Cheadle Hulme
I have visited Pure since it opened. It has a relaxing and chatty atmosphere. Professional finish on all my treatments especially Bio Nails and I regularly have Dawn for reflexology which was amazing during 2 of my pregnancies. Highly recommended salon!

Katie Barlow, Cheadle Hulme
I love this salon and have been a client from pretty much the day the doors opened! The ladies that work here are friendly, helpful, dedicated, experts, professional and perfectionists. The salon is fresh, modern and has a relaxing atmosphere. I'm constantly spoilt for choice when it comes to their treatments hence have tried more than my fair share. I recommend Pure to all my friends and family and have even purchased gift vouchers for a few lucky people x

Kate Breen, Poynton
Pure is the best place for a wax! I went in all self concious  and nervous expecting it to be very painful and nasty and I was dreading it. But to my surprise the lady put me at ease, even had me laughing and thanks to her distracting me I didn't find it too bad and have booked in for my next wax. Would recommend to anyone.

Deborah Bulcock, Didsbury
Fantastic salon. The girls are all great. Very relaxed and fun atmosphere, and excellent treatments.

Donna Roberts, Cheadle Hulme
I love this salon, I can get everything done under the 1 roof! And now I have added another treatment to my list, LVL Lashes which I am soooo pleased with. Think I just need to book a weekly slot. x

Dorothy, Bramhall
Dawn was recommended to me through a friend. I have always worn a heavy foundation to cover my rosy red cheeks. Dawn did some work on my thread veins, and the results were outstanding even after one session. After a few sessions I could stop wearing heavy foundation and started using a tinted moisturiser. Most impressed.
Lisa Morris, Cheadle Hulme
Been going to Pure forever and always get comments about my nails!! I look forward to my appointment to see what I can challenge Emma to do!!

Kathryn Claire, Bramhall
The girls at Pure made me and my bridesmaids look like princesses on my wedding day! I cant thank you all enough.
I've always had poor nails but with Emma's help, patience and expertise I said "I do" with perfect nails. I was so impressed with what she made of my normally bitten stumps - I felt like a lady and was so pleased with the result.
Jennifer Bagott, Bramhall
I had my nails done with Rebecca over 3 weeks ago and they are still perfect, except the growth. I am very impressed, and will be back for my infills. Happy lady.

Claire Brown, Wilmslow
A great, fun and friendly salon, I love getting my nails done here, long lasting and a perfect finish. 5 Stars ladies!

Jackie Smith, Bramhall
Great salon, great girls, great treatments. I have always had my manicures at Pure and they last without chipping for nearly 2 weeks. You are always made to feel welcome and cared for. I enjoy the banter and putting the world to rights with the girls. I leave feeling uplifted and revitalised.

Margaret S, Stockport
I could spend all day in this sanctuary being pampered. The girls are lovely to talk to and I always leave feeling fantastic. I don't have a favourite therapist, they are all wonderful and talented. You are doing a great job ladies.

Louise Haslam, Cheadle Hulme
I had the best Hot Stone Massage ever and I have had a lot of massage. I will be back on a regular basis. Fantastic Massage Therapist .